Posted by: tobermoryotterfund | June 24, 2013

New otter group for Mull

It’s official! Mull Otter Group is now up and running as a constituted organisation. With the as yet unexplained death of our very own celebrity otter right here in Tobermory, it’s not before time!

On 26 May, a gathering of otter enthusiasts met at An Roth in Craignure and thrashed through all the boring procedural matters required to put the organisation on a proper footing. Key committee Officers were appointed; so welcome to Jane Stevens (Chair), Debby Thorne (Secretary), Ian Dickinson (Treasurer), together with press officer Barbara Macfarlane. All have been incredibly busy since being appointed.

The intention is that as the Tobermory Otter Fund is wound down as the sculpture project nears completion (see previous blog), its online presence and bank account etc will pass, seamlessly of course (!), to the new Mull Otter Group. Then the real otter conservation work can start in earnest, with lots of exciting and important projects being discussed.

As ever, if you would like to support the work of the new group, please donate via the Tobermory Otter Fund website donations page, and indicate that you wish your donation to be used for MOG’s work.

As for the rest, watch this space :¬)

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