Posted by: tobermoryotterfund | May 8, 2012

Welcome to our website!

This is a new website designed to promote and support the work of the Tobermory Otter Fund.  You may have arrived here because you’ve seen one of our flyers asking for donations to support the purchase of a bronze otter statue to commemorate Elvis, the Tobermory otter.  Check out the “About us” page for more details.

For more information we can be contacted by email at


  1. This is a fantastic site! I must commend you for making your community (and beyond) more aware of their fellow neighbors, including those with four wet paws! You’ve also got some very talented photographers – I just wish Sam the Otter in San Francisco chose a cleaner and more visually-appealing location, but oh well! Otters will do as they please! Please keep up your work! If I find a gull and get to Scotland one day, I’ll see if I can visit your area! Take care and keep up with the good work!

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